Shop Towels

  • 18x18” Greige un-bleached, 175 lbs/bale, 2500 pcs/bale
  • 14x15” Washed Natural, 175 lbs/bale, 1250 pcs/bale and 500 pcs/box 
  • 18x30” Greige un-bleached, 1500 pcs/bale
  • 14x14” Bleached White, 1250 pcs/bale and 500 pcs/box 
  • 14x14” Red, 1250 pcs/bale and 500 pcs/box 
  • 14x14” Blue, 1250 pcs/bale and 500 pcs/box 

for Laundries, Automotive, machinery cleaning, Mechanics Rags, Shop Rag, Oil Change Rag, machine shops, manufacturing, auto repair centers, lube centers, body shops, service companies, print shops, paint, marinas, janitorial cleaning and industrial cleaning. Also known as printer towels. Magazine and Paper printers company. 

The shop towels are low-lint First Quality 100% Cotton Towels. Shop towels are ideal for general maintenance and greasier wiping applications.

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